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Zembaba Restaurant: 838 Bloor Street West, Toronto

Zembaba Restaurant: 838 Bloor Street West, Toronto

Anyone who dines at an Ethiopian Restaurant will likely see an item of the menu- Cha Cha Tibbs, a sizzling lamb dish marinated with onions and peppers. At Zembaba Restaurant, we met Roman, the creator of this dish, which has gained popularity, appearing in Ethiopian eateries worldwide. Roman’s Grandparents personally cooked for the King of Ethiopia, Haile Selassie, so she comes by her talents in the kitchen honestly. My friend and I shared the tasty signature dish, surrounded by a flavorful array of vegetarian sides and dips. The meal was served in Naan, a moist, crepe-like Ethiopian bread, used to grab the food with ones hands. We washed it down with one of the four available Ethiopian beers, which was light, crisp and less than four bucks. Zembaba also offers “Traditional Ethiopian Coffee Service”, a ritual using a specially designed urn and pasteries on the side for sharing. Tasteful and traditional artwork adroned the walls and the spicy aroma added to the warm feeling of the small room. The service was excellent. We were taken care of by Roman herself, who was helpful, informative, friendly and very welcoming. The twenty dollars worth of tasty food, every bite a new experience, was more than enough for two people. 12pm-2am’

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Review by Melissa Peters

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