UPS Fails to Deliver

UPS Fails to Deliver

“UPS automatically covers most packages up to $100 for both domestic and international shipments. Additionally, UPS provides declared value coverage for an additional fee for packages that exceed this amount.” Do they? Really?

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What is the point of paying additional fees for shipping insurance to a reputable company if they are simply going to ignore claims for lost items?

Small business owners rely upon delivery services like UPS to get products to customers in the United States. With a company as established and highly respected as UPS, it should be safe to assume that packages will get delivered to the customers, or that UPS will make good on their *clearly stated* promise to replace the value of what was lost.

A package sent to a customer was lost in October of last year. The form was filled out and necessary proof and documentation provided in order to receive the $100, only to not receive any sort of response five months later. To add insult to injury, an additional package has since gone missing. Countless people are paying for additional insurance because they think that the “free” coverage of $100 makes UPS so wonderful and generous. Considering how much was lost having to refund two customers for merchandise they never received, it’s a good thing even more money wasn’t wasted on additional insurance. The least UPS could do is respond regarding the $100 coverage they promised, but they can’t even bother to do that. If the package doesn’t qualify for the payment, that’s fine. Repeated calls to the company have been met with, “it’s being looked into”. When? RESPOND! #ThanksForDelivering #ups

Fed up and turning to Google for suggestions from other customers who may have had similar experiences revealed that small business owners all over the USA are suing UPS for having taken their ‘insurance’ money for property loss, only to discover that UPS does not actually insure the package and/ or refund the clients. 

Small businesses struggle in a GOOD economy. Losing $1000 on a single order, especially more than once can make an independent company. The months following Christmas are notoriously slow already, even without the financial hit of COVID-19 affecting a large percentage of potential and repeat clientele. It’s frightening and highly disappointing to discover that we can’t rely on UPS to ship products, especially during a time when personal delivery often isn’t even an option for the few businesses who are conveniently located close to their customers. The majority of products can’t just be emailed or faxed.. Is the only hope to rely on the inexpensive and widespread use of 3D printers to safely and reliably send albums over the border? That might be an option a generation or two from now, but for now, independent entrepreneurs are stuck relying on a shipping company that doesn’t care if they go bankrupt using their service.










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lost my package


lost my package


lost my package


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