Bloor News Announces a New Feature: live music guide

Bloor News Announces a New Feature: 

Check it out for all things music in Toronto, including Open Mic listings, maps to live music venues, featured local singers/musicians and music news and reviews. 

The entertainment and writing communities were saddened to learn of the passing of Gary Webb-Procter aka ‘Gary17’, widely respected musician, critic and Editor of East York Chronicle late last year. Gary’s death didn’t just leave a hole in the hearts of his friends, family, readers and fans, it left a hole in the music scene. Gary took the spotlight off the bands we had already heard of and gave the lesser-known acts a chance to shine. Without his reviews, the Linsmore Tavern wouldn’t be a mecca for up-and-coming musicians, and we would never have heard of or from some incredible talent. The talent of the future deserves the same recognition that their predecessors gained from Gary’s pieces. Reviewing live music isn’t easy nowadays, but as vaccination rollouts continue, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. We are proud to offer our services. These are big shoes to fill, but we hope we can honour Gary’s memory by doing it justice. 

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Outta Jamaica Riddim Album : Rad Dixon

I was asked to write some content for a songwriter, musician. Sometimes, with music reviews and content, I’m kind of reaching, at a loss for words, simply because it’s just not my cup of tea. This is NOT one of those times. Rad Dixon’s single, “Keep All the Children Safe” has a fun and danceable old school reggae rhythm, ‘Have You Ever Been in Love’ beat, created and popularized by Dennis Brown, and the root of many a top Reggae song. The song itself, featuring DJ Teacha D for the ‘Outta Jamaica Riddim Album’ is a heartfelt, touching, powerful, poignant and relevant message. 

“I write songs for the upliftment of the youth to stay away from trouble…”. And Rad Dixon manages not just to uplift the listeners, but also to raise awareness, make people think, and remind people around the world that the children are our future, and DESERVE better! When one thinks of Reggae, one can’t help but think of Bob Marley. That being said, SO FEW can even come close to his legacy when it comes to fighting cruelty and injustice in Jamaica through song. It’s HARD for me to make ANY comparison to the KING of Reggae, but I have to admit that Rad Dixon gave me a little bit of a Bob-ish tingle with this track. I caught a taste of the complication ‘Outta Jamaica Riddim Album’, and it just left me wanting more. I highly recommend checking out both the album, and Rad Dixon himself.

2018 Canadian Music Week

2018 Canadian Music Week


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Canadian Music Hall Fame Paul Anka




Beatles In Public Domain Canada

Beatles In Public Domain Canada

In Canada, until very recently, sound recordings were protected by copyright for 50 years, after which time, they’d fall into public domain. This national kink in intellectual property law explains why a company called Stargrove Entertainment was able to chart one of Walmart Canada’s best-selling albums at the beginning of 2015 with a $5, 11-song CD called Love Me Do by The Beatles. The CD was sold at a much cheaper price point than any of Universal Music’s Beatles offerings, while the publishing rights holders were still paid due royalties. The company was in varying stages of doing the same with early material from the Rolling Stones and the Beach Boys (now, also in public domain).

Now dbsMusic is issuing Beatle 7″ 45s

These records are the original recording that have fallen into public domain in Canada only.
The music is licensed by CMRRA and is a legal product NOT a bootleg 7″ 45 Record – Limited run of 500 7″ records per title for sale in Canada Only – All Records Are Numbered Special Limited Edition. DBS represents that this individually numbered edition is limited to 550 pressings on Nov 7th 2017. (1 0f 550)

known as – DBS 001
1) I Want To Hold Your Hand
I Saw Her Standing There

known as – DBS 002
2) She Loves You
I’ll Get You

known as – DBS 003
3) Please Please Me
Ask Me Why

known as – DBS 004
4) From Me To You
Thank You Girl

5) known as – DBS 005
Sie Liebt Dich
I’ll Get You

Made in Canada Mechanical rights licensed by CMRRA for This is a public domain sound recording in Canada – Pub: Northern Songs
Beatles – She Loves You DBS Duplication – DBS 002

Link to media about this

Music On USB Key Custom Logo

Music On USB Key Custom Logo

From dbsduplication.comsandisk usb 3.0 flash drive usb flash drive usb stick memory stick usb drive usb 2.0

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Understanding the new media

Understanding the new media

The smartphone has won the battle of most customer’s attention.  Recent studies show that the public is holding on to their phones for tasks that we formerly did on our desktops. Our e-mail, our google search, and far too many apps to keep us off of a TV show and/or a good read of the paper.  

If the “smartphone has won the battle” in order to promote an event we need to be all over the phone. 

Smartphone users dial up Google to find anything from an event to a cheese sandwich. Google represents 93% of the searches. So getting your event on the top of Google would do the trick. Bloor News is run by a site that features getting found on top of Google. So if you know SEO (search engine optimization) then you can out race or out place the local papers.  So with a good picture, knowledge of SEO, one guy with a camera can place an event on the first page of Google. Same picture can be found with hashtags on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Because, the second most popular place to find that event is Facebook.  So using the same knowledge of SEO we can place an event on all social media.

The next factor that controls success is the number of times an event or website is listed on Google. Google lists the mentions on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and web sites. So would you rather be list on 40 websites or 4 million. The more hits, the better chance of your info getting into the customers phone.


THE NUMBER OF FANS I HAVE IS UNIMPORTANT–  hashtags correctly with a “HOT PIC”  then it is
retweeted and or re-posted by a user with more fans. Because what they want is “media”. Give me a pic of Brad Pitt with correct hashtags and i will reach millions. And if i have 10,000 followers and your media is an old dead dog — your response rate will be lower


Let’s look at some samples of poor use of social media
THESE RESULTS ONLY WORK ON A DESKTOP – About 55,500 results (0.46 seconds) (Music Week) About 448,000 results (0.45 seconds)

Would you hire the promo rep who got only “55,000”  or would you rather have “448,000” Both events have been around for the same time period. 


Number of time on Twitter #CMW is listed = About 7,390 results (0.56 seconds)
Number of time on Twitter #TorontoJazzFest is listed =About 3,030 results (0.56 seconds)

TorontoJazzFest is 50% LESS than CMW
7,3 to 3,0


TorontoJazzFest About 1,010 results (0.58 seconds) 

CMW About 48,000 results (0.81 seconds) 

TorontoJazzFest is 500% LESS than CMW
48,000 to 1,010


TorontoJazzFest About 344 results (0.70 seconds) 

CMW Music About 1,190 results (0.47 seconds) 

TorontoJazzFest is 400% LESS than CMW
1,190 to 344


This new media is not a secret . NY Times published a report ( Everybody’s a Critic. And That’s How It Should Be.) by their critic  A. O. SCOTT on JAN. 30, 2016 claiming that any person with an iphone can be a powerful as the NY TIMES. 


Back in the 1980’s all you needed was the local paper to review and/or promote your event. The promo person job was to get the press out to your event because the paper had the power to pack your event.  Guess what the power is with GOOGLE and it can be done with a good picture and knowledge of SEO

Canadian Music Week Bryan Adams “Spirit Award”

Canadian Music Week Bryan Adams “Spirit Award”


Iconic Recording Artist Bryan Adams To Be Honoured with Allan Slaight Humanitarian Spirit Award at Canadian Music Week 2015

Canadian Music Week is pleased to announce Bryan Adams as the 2015 recipient of the Allan Slaight Humanitarian Spirit Award. The award – bestowed to the singer-songwriter in recognition of his social activism and benevolent support of humanitarian interests and causes – will be presented on Thursday, May 7, 2015 at the Canadian Music & Broadcast Industry Awards gala in Toronto during Canadian Music Week 2015.

Alongside a music career spanning more than four decades, singer-songwriter and Canadian icon Bryan Adams has stood as an ambassador of humanitarian causes and relief. His participation in such concerts as Live Aid, Amnesty International’s “A Conspiracy of Hope” tour, Rock for Amnesty, and Live 8 has brought awareness to human rights, poverty, and famine while his advocacy of PETA and Greenpeace has supported animal rights and the protection and conservation of the environment.

Through performances on the annual Prince’s Trust Charity Concert, Farm Aid and Save The Rainforest, Adams has helped raise funds to support disadvantaged youth in the UK, assist American family farmers and preserve tropical rainforests. A social activist, he took part in Freedomfest; Rock the World for Greenpeace; Peace, Freedom and Democracy for Georgia; and helped commemorate the fall of the Berlin Wall with Roger Waters’ The Wall.

With acclaimed producer David Foster and longtime songwriting partner Jim Vallance, Adams co-wrote “Tears Are Not Enough”, raising more than $3 million for famine relief in Ethiopia. In 2004, he appeared on the Canada for Asia benefit concert in Toronto in support of victims of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami. Two years later, Adams became the first western artist to perform in Pakistan, taking part in a benefit concert to raise funds and rebuild schools for those devastated by the 2005 earthquake.

Seeking a more direct channel for his philanthropic work, Adams established the Bryan Adams Foundation with an aim of improving the quality of people’s lives around the world. Since 2006, the foundation has been providing support and financial grants to projects and organizations advancing education and learning opportunities for children in need, funding medical research, training, treatment and access and much more.

“Bryan’s work – as a songwriter, composer, musician, recording artist, performer, and photographer – has touched millions of lives around the world,” said Gary Slaight. “Add to that the countless number of causes and disadvantaged struggling around the world that his foundation has directly supported, protected and enriched – it’s remarkable. My father and I couldn’t be more proud of Bryan’s benevolence, and it is our privilege to honour him with this year’s Allan Slaight Humanitarian Spirit Award.”

An internationally recognized and celebrated musician, Bryan Adams has released more than a dozen recordings, sold more than 65 million albums and garnered 21 top ten hits worldwide. His music has appeared in a number of box office films including The Guardian, Bobby, Old Dogs, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, The Three Musketeers, Don Juan DeMarco, and Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron. He has received numerous awards and nominations including multiple JUNOs, Grammys, Oscars, Golden Globes, ASCAP Film and Television Music Awards, and Academy Awards.

Adams is an inductee of the Canadian Music Hall of Fame and Wembley’s Square of Fame. In 2010 he received the Allan Waters Humanitarian Award from the Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences and was recognized with the Governor General’s Performing Arts Award for his lifetime contribution to the arts in Canada. He is an Officer of the Order of Canada, a recipient of the Order of British Columbia and has a star on both Canada and Hollywood’s Walk of Fame.

Adams is also an acclaimed photographer. Amongst the books he has released are “Exposed” a collection of portraits and fashion work chronicling his photographic work to date, and “Wounded – The Legacy of War”, a collection of intimate photographs documenting the personal sacrifice of war. A photo exhibition from the “Wounded” collection is currently running at the Somerset House in London until January 2015.

Adams’ outstanding live concerts have established him as one of the world’s best rock singers of our time, performing over 120 concerts a year for audiences around the globe.

To attend the Canadian Music and Broadcast Industry Awards, visit the Canadian Music Week website at to purchase tickets and get additional details.

About Canadian Music Week
Canadian Music Week is Canada’s leading annual entertainment event dedicated to the expression and growth of the country’s music, media and entertainment industries. Combining three information-intensive conferences; a trade exposition; a film festival; a comedy festival; four awards shows and the nation’s largest new music festival, CMW spans a ten-day period from May 1 to May 10, 2015 at the Sheraton Centre Hotel and over 60 downtown Toronto venues, attracting participants from across the globe. For more information, visit