Quo Vado Italian Contemporary Film Festival June 9, 2016

Quo Vado Italian Contemporary Film Festival June 9, 2016


An exciting event, hosted by the Italian Contemporary Film Festival. On Thursday, June 9, 2016 at 2pm, we will be at the Italian Institute of Culture, 496 Huron St., Toronto, celebrating the upcoming International premier of hit comedy film, “Quo Vado” at the ICFF 2016 with actor/comedian Luca Medici a.k.a. Checco Zalone and Director Gennaro Nunziante. The film takes place in a small town in Italy, where government reform to cut bureaucracy creates a whole new and challenging reality for Checco, who grew up privileged, with a guaranteed job as a public servant.


In English, the title translates to “Where Am I Going?” has hit home with Italians all too familiar with precarious working conditions, and is reflective of how the economy and job security have changed over the years in Italy.  Bypassing Star Wars, the film actually beat out Avatar for the top-grossing film in Italian box office history, generating well over 59 million euros.


The press conference is open for Q&A with Media Representative and general public.

Director, Gennaro Nunziante also wrote his films, and is best known for his 2013 film, “What a Beautiful Day”. Luca Medici a.k.a. Checco Zalone has starred in various Nunziante films, with both writing and composition credits, including “What a Beautiful Day” (2011), “Cado dalle nubi” (2009), and “Sole a catinelle” (2013). He became famous in 2006 thanks to the song Siamo una squadra fortissimi.


Nunziante and Zalone share the same hometown of Bari, Italy, giving them a common world from which they can be inspired and collaborate to create such ground-breaking films as “Quo Vado”. These two very talented artists obviously work very well together, and this film has put them on the map. It would be no surprise to see an increase in the popularity of their previous projects. Even more exciting will be to see what they come up with next!


By Melissa Peters