Images from The 1st annual Bloorcourt Arts and Crafts Street Fair on Saturday August 13, 2011

Bloor Court Arts and Crafts Fair Guide

Broken Arrow rock it out at the The 1st annual Bloorcourt Arts and Crafts Street Fair on Saturday August 13, 2011

Rauch From Long & McQuade

The 15th Annual Bloor West Village Toronto Ukrainian Festival has a dancer from The DESNA Ukrainian Dance Company pose for a picture

2011 Roncesvalles Polish Festival North America’s Largest
annual fall celebration of Polish art.

Pets From Earth Echoes

2011 BIG On Bloor Fest. July 23/24, Dufferin – Landowne

Big on Bloor July 23-24 2011

BIG On Bloor Fest. July 23/24, Dufferin – Landowne

Bloordale, from Dufferin to Lansdowne celebrates business, community, arts and culture with a unique community and city-building festival featuring hundreds of events, activities and exhibitions. Three stages will fill with performers, musicians, singers, dancers, theatre, and karate. More than 300 participants feature table exhibitions that line the street and present their projects, products, consumer goods, information or events. Community awards are presented to honour exceptional citizens and there are interactive games


craft tables and attractions for families and children. BAAF: Bloor Alternative Art Fair brings art institutions, collectives, galleries and artists to our street. Crafts, story-telling, face painting, green and social information, dog shows and much more will take place. Strolling buskers and parades weave through the crowds. Our famously diverse restaurants – East African, South Asian, Somali, Vietnamese, Caribbean, Japanese, Portuguese, Chinese, Mexican, Italian and Canadian host food, music and dance, some with outdoor extended licensed patios. The Responding Festival culminates its month-long activities of art, architecture, poetry and performance at the Kent school-grounds.

The Responding Festival

Kent School playground directly edges Bloor Street but is separated by a 12 foot high chain-link barrier fence. This summer we open the playground area of the school and offer it as a Bloor Street public space. We will transform the empty space into a public art environment, a collision of art and architecture, performance, poetry, landscape, discussions and playgrounds made by artists and architects, cultural collectives and community participants. The intention is to make a non-stop swirl of activity, a site for evolving experimental forms and new ways of creating in a shared place that responds to the city, the community, each other and being here now.

You can download the Big on Bloor guide here!

5th Annual Luminato Festival




Opening Concert FOR THE 5th ANNUAL LUMINATO FESTIVAL "They Might Be  Opening Concert FOR THE 5th ANNUAL LUMINATO FESTIVAL "They Might Be

Opening Concert FOR THE 5th ANNUAL LUMINATO FESTIVAL “They Might Be Giants”

Schools facing possible closure: Brock, Dovercourt and Kent: An Update

Update: Here’s what TDSB has said on their website:

Kent Sr. PS,  ALPHA II Alternative School, Dovercourt Jr. PS, Pauline Jr. PS, and Brock Jr. PS

  • Brock Jr. PS and Dovercourt Jr. PS will convert to JK to Gr.8 with phased in implementation beginning in September 2011.
  • The location of ALPHA II Alternative will be referred to staff for recommendation to the Board within in 6 months.
  • Following the relocation of regular day school students from Kent Sr. PS and Alpha II Alternative School, the Kent/Alpha II school building located at 980 Dufferin Street will be closed.

Shutting Some Door Opens Others

Brock Jr. P.S, Dovercourt Jr. P.S and Kent Sr. P.S. are just a few Toronto schools facing possible closure in coming years.

The TCDSB states on its website that “…reviews [of] ten areas [including Dovercourt],. ..prioritized.. .based on input from Superintendents of Education, Trustees,…. [factoring in] the programs delivered by schools; the use of school buildings; current and projected enrolments; grade ranges; and the distribution of… sites.”

According to Etobicoke trustee John Campbell, 92 of 533 Toronto public schools have enrollments of less than 60%. The board has approved a plan setting a target size of 450 students in consolidated elementary schools, 1,200 at the high school level, and a phasing out of middle schools. The TDSB loses approximately 4,000 students every year.

“What parents have to understand is that… we’re trying to.. enable schools that have larger student populations and more programming options,… cut[ting] down on costs,… reinvest[ing] in better schools,… new libraries,… gymnasiums and additions,” Mr. Campbell said in an interview. “The under enrolled secondary schools… can hardly offer a variety of programs,… many don’t have basketball teams,… music… or Latin.”

Small town or big city, there will forever be two “schools of thought” when it comes to shutting down schools. My daughter is in JK this year. I can walk her to school in less than twenty minutes, and can get home in less than ten with my grown-up legs. Her neighbor is in the class right next door to hers. I admit I wouldn’t be happy if the walk was much longer at her age. A neighborhood school is a special part of the community, and is filled with cherished history and memories for thousands of people. Splitting up groups of friends and uprooting established students is quite the adjustment for young people who are already facing a big, scary world. But my daughter is lucky; she has a music teacher, a gym teacher, access to team sports, and class trips. If the fun stuff that keeps kids IN SCHOOL is in jeopardy, a school a little further away would be a small price to pay for a well-rounded education.