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NXNE Music Festival 2014 – Thursday

NXNE Music Festival 2014 – Thursday


Lyric Dubee

Your average indie rock band plays to an empty room!



Did not get to hear this band. So lucky them
But do not feel like you are alone in missing this event as
the room was empty



Empty bars at NXNE 2014

Keith Pedro
has great comic timing. Lots of energy

that the full house enjoyed, but his joke u have heard before
Sorta like the best of late night TV, but live at Bovine Roof Top

Patrick Hakeem

Here’s a guy who could not get them to laugh —
so he started insulting the customers of the bar
Call one a drunk with no future. The drunk threw
a beer bottle at him —- Party!


Psycho Mad Sally

Back in the 1980, I was one of two djs for a club called “Brandy’s”. The sound Guy was Wesley Thuro, who designed the Bovine. But the action was upstairs — the bar was loud but empty  Bring out your dead — it’s almost metal time




As an old dj — got to like a little change from screaming guitars.
But u guess it  – 
No one home





Beau Stanton – Visual Artist
( New York City )
Had more people (walking on the street) than more rock bands


Molly Thomason can sing!  Above average songs with an attempt at a pop hook or two. (B-)  

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