No Hot Dog On Bloor St

After a $20 million dollar upgrade, the trendy stretch of Bloor Street between Yonge and University, vendors selling hotdogs and items from carts, who formerly dotted this area, now find themselves evicted and no longer welcome here. The renovations and enhancements sponsored by the local BIA feel that the hotdog vendors no longer fit the feel or look they desire for this elite section of Bloor Street. If you’re walking through this area looking for a hodog vendor, you’ll have to travel down the street to find one. “The bylaw that we go by contains measurements from street planters and trees,” said Bruce Robertson, the director of licensing services. This section of Bloor Street that has recently undergone an extensive remodelling, a $20-million redesign, which was funded by the local business improvement association, widened the sidewalks for the city. With the street planters in place the vendors no longer have “3.66 metres of free space around the cart in all directions to allow for free pedestrian traffic,” Robertson said. When questioned, many of the vendors stated that they had already expected this to occur. In fact, they have not been allowed on the street since 2008. “It was in 2008 that the reconstruction started and they were apprised that it would all be under review when the reconstruction is complete,” Roberston said. But Nagib Amed, who runs a hotdog cart a block away, says the decision is a hard one for the vendors to swallow. “I think it’s not a good idea,” he said. “I feel sorry for them.” Hotdog connoisseurs Mark Walley and Mike Gray agree. “I don’t like the idea, I think they should be allowed,” Walley said. “It’s regrettable for the vendors,” said Gray. “I think having carts adds to the charm — or did add to the charm — of Bloor Street while they were able to sell their hotdogs there.” The city says it’s trying to find new spots — away from that specific section of Bloor Street — for the turfed vendors. Apparently, Bloor Street no longer relishes hotdogs.