Heat Fest Comfort Food Festival Toronto Distillery District

Heat Fest Comfort Food Festival Toronto Distillery District

Heat Fest 2015 brings comfort food to Toronto on Monday, February 16

TORONTO, Feb 13, 2015 – On Monday, February 16, 2015, the ‘who’s-who’ of food trucks will celebrate Toronto’s first Heat Fest- A Great Canadian Comfort Food Festival. This event is to raise funds for KidzCan, a children’s charity, which supports disadvantaged children by hosting and funding healthy eating events across Toronto. Sponsored by The Distillery Group, Mavi Travel and Tours and Marty Galin, the highly anticipated family day event will be held at the Historic Distillery District, which will become a winter gathering of some of the city’s most delicious food truck’s, ‘Heatfest Specials” and fitness activities to help families stay warm. The event will begin with Sugar Hoops, followed by Jazz Funk with Gillian Bartoluccia, before moving onto Latin Dance Mix, Yoga Fitness and Creative Movements. Chef and “Spice master” Greg Couillard will be serving up some spicy Fusion Creations with the exciting new catering company Saucy Affairs alongside participating food trucks and restaurants: Mr. Corn, Wickedly Sinful, Buster’s Sea Cove, Mavi Cuisine, Marty G’s Pies, KidzCan and Shalit Food.


“This years goal is to share the enjoyment and excitement of healthy living with families across Toronto. We are expecting to attract over 10,000 tourists and local families,” said Marty Galin President of KidzCan and Selma Gold, President of Mavi Travel and Tours and Vice President of KidzCan.
“It will bring new hope to Toronto children who are struggling with poor eating habits and hunger. It is an opportunity for Toronto’s families, to come together in support young children who struggle daily to have food. We are hoping to raise thousands of dollars to support healthy eating events for young children. We are excited to be apart of such an amazing event!”

EVENT DETAILS: What: Heat Fest Comfort Food Festival

Where: The Historic Distillery District

Who: Toronto ‘who’s-who’ of food trucks, including Wickedly Sinful, Saucy Affairs and fusion dishes by Chef Greg Coulliard.

Why: To raise funds for the KidzCan and support healthy food events for young disadvantaged children across Toronto.
About KidzCan: 
It is shocking to know that hungry strikes even our youngest Canadians. According to Food Banks Canada, nearly 900,000 Canadians are assisted by food banks each month. Thirty-eight per cent of those helped by food banks are children and youth and 11 per cent are Aboriginal (compared to 4.3 per cent of the total population). KidzCan supports the health and wellbeing of young children across Toronto through education and awareness around healthy eating. KidzCan continues to encourage children to make healthy food choices while enjoying a healthy lifestyle. Great appreciation goes to Shalit Food that is a major sponsor of KidzCan.