Outta Jamaica Riddim Album : Rad Dixon

I was asked to write some content for a songwriter, musician. Sometimes, with music reviews and content, I’m kind of reaching, at a loss for words, simply because it’s just not my cup of tea. This is NOT one of those times. Rad Dixon’s single, “Keep All the Children Safe” has a fun and danceable old school reggae rhythm, ‘Have You Ever Been in Love’ beat, created and popularized by Dennis Brown, and the root of many a top Reggae song. The song itself, featuring DJ Teacha D for the ‘Outta Jamaica Riddim Album’ is a heartfelt, touching, powerful, poignant and relevant message. 

“I write songs for the upliftment of the youth to stay away from trouble…”. And Rad Dixon manages not just to uplift the listeners, but also to raise awareness, make people think, and remind people around the world that the children are our future, and DESERVE better! When one thinks of Reggae, one can’t help but think of Bob Marley. That being said, SO FEW can even come close to his legacy when it comes to fighting cruelty and injustice in Jamaica through song. It’s HARD for me to make ANY comparison to the KING of Reggae, but I have to admit that Rad Dixon gave me a little bit of a Bob-ish tingle with this track. I caught a taste of the complication ‘Outta Jamaica Riddim Album’, and it just left me wanting more. I highly recommend checking out both the album, and Rad Dixon himself.

Beatles In Public Domain Canada

Beatles In Public Domain Canada

In Canada, until very recently, sound recordings were protected by copyright for 50 years, after which time, they’d fall into public domain. This national kink in intellectual property law explains why a company called Stargrove Entertainment was able to chart one of Walmart Canada’s best-selling albums at the beginning of 2015 with a $5, 11-song CD called Love Me Do by The Beatles. The CD was sold at a much cheaper price point than any of Universal Music’s Beatles offerings, while the publishing rights holders were still paid due royalties. The company was in varying stages of doing the same with early material from the Rolling Stones and the Beach Boys (now, also in public domain).

Now dbsMusic is issuing Beatle 7″ 45s

These records are the original recording that have fallen into public domain in Canada only.
The music is licensed by CMRRA and is a legal product NOT a bootleg 7″ 45 Record – Limited run of 500 7″ records per title for sale in Canada Only – All Records Are Numbered Special Limited Edition. DBS represents that this individually numbered edition is limited to 550 pressings on Nov 7th 2017. (1 0f 550)

known as – DBS 001
1) I Want To Hold Your Hand
I Saw Her Standing There

known as – DBS 002
2) She Loves You
I’ll Get You

known as – DBS 003
3) Please Please Me
Ask Me Why

known as – DBS 004
4) From Me To You
Thank You Girl

5) known as – DBS 005
Sie Liebt Dich
I’ll Get You

Made in Canada Mechanical rights licensed by CMRRA for This is a public domain sound recording in Canada – Pub: Northern Songs

Beatles – She Loves You DBS Duplication – DBS 002

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The thickness and quality of the vinyl is imperative when it comes to a good quality vinyl lp. In the early 70’s, as a cost cutting move, much of the music industry began reducing both the thickness and the quality of record vinyl. Marketed by RCA Victor as the Dynaflex (125g) process, it was considered inferior by most collectors. Something to keep in mind when shopping for older recordings, but likely unavoidable in a lot of cases. Most vinyl records are pressed from a mixture of 70/30% virgin to recycled vinyl. New or “virgin” heavy/heavyweight (180-220g) vinyl is commonly used modern audiophile vinyl releases. Many collectors prefer heavyweight vinyl albums for their superior sound because of their higher tolerance against deformation from normal wear and tear.

Vinyl Record Care and Maintenance

Dust, oil and dirt not only takes away from the sound, playing a dirty vinyl LP actually damages the playing surface, so keeping your vinyl record collection clean is very important. Many commercial products contain isopropyl alcohol and shouldn’t- despite the nice shiny result, the alcohol actually strips the protective coating and leaves the vinyl LP vulnerable to damage and the sound brittle and grainy. Your best bet is a device specifically designed for cleaning- some are quite inexpensive, or a non-abrasive microfiber cloth in a pinch. Some people recommend dish soap, but the reviews on that vary, and rinsing with water is difficult without damaging the label. Handle them at the edges and make sure you center them before putting them on the turntable so they don’t get damaged. Aside from that, sit back and enjoy the tunes!