Outta Jamaica Riddim Album : Rad Dixon

I was asked to write some content for a songwriter, musician. Sometimes, with music reviews and content, I’m kind of reaching, at a loss for words, simply because it’s just not my cup of tea. This is NOT one of those times. Rad Dixon’s single, “Keep All the Children Safe” has a fun and danceable old school reggae rhythm, ‘Have You Ever Been in Love’ beat, created and popularized by Dennis Brown, and the root of many a top Reggae song. The song itself, featuring DJ Teacha D for the ‘Outta Jamaica Riddim Album’ is a heartfelt, touching, powerful, poignant and relevant message. 

“I write songs for the upliftment of the youth to stay away from trouble…”. And Rad Dixon manages not just to uplift the listeners, but also to raise awareness, make people think, and remind people around the world that the children are our future, and DESERVE better! When one thinks of Reggae, one can’t help but think of Bob Marley. That being said, SO FEW can even come close to his legacy when it comes to fighting cruelty and injustice in Jamaica through song. It’s HARD for me to make ANY comparison to the KING of Reggae, but I have to admit that Rad Dixon gave me a little bit of a Bob-ish tingle with this track. I caught a taste of the complication ‘Outta Jamaica Riddim Album’, and it just left me wanting more. I highly recommend checking out both the album, and Rad Dixon himself.