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Spiritually charged art by Tatjana Hutinec


It’s the natural ability to thrive on challenges that makes the Croatian born visual Artist Tatjana Hutinec Toronto’s leading costume, set and prop designer for TV, Film and Theater.  While many Artists complain about making a living out of their passion, Tatjana’s state of equanimity keeps her cashing in on constant project in-flow.  I first experienced Tatjana’s Art work at Fountain 253 Gallery (1267 Bloor St. W.) during “OFF CAMERA“ an exhibit featuring works by Artists in the film industry.  The grog ceramic bird sculptures; “Guardians of the Ceremonies”contained writing of “Hrvatsko Zagorje” a healing spell of Tatjana’s great grandmother’s magic potion recipe for curing corns.  The posture of the birds emanated a mystical energy and communicated wisdom, inner might and virtue through change.  This representation, conceived during Tatjana’s residency at Zagorka, a factory of ceramic construction and building elements in Croatia, attracted “The Amazon” TV series, where Tatjana was commissioned to built two 14 feet high bird sculptures bringing the tribal gate set to life.  Gustav Klimt and the Art Nuveau, Antony Gaudy, H.R. Giger are the painters Tatjana has admired for years, however, it is her aunt, Ms. Ana Hutinec, a renowned Croatian sculptor and painter that influenced her first as teacher and mentor.  Tatjana spent her early age playing in her aunt’s studio, rolling clay spaghettis and building decorative objects, and later discovered a great interest in folk tales, tribal and primal art, where limitless possibilities are key elements used throughout all of Tatjana’s creations.  Today, as an applied Artist contributing to the film industry for the past 15 years Tatjana’s unique technique of visualization continues to yield original ideas and tangible design.  The reinvention of self and continuing her mission of Art communication happens for Tatjana by studying theater and film scripts, receiving feedback from her audience, nurturing a flexible mind-set and being congruent with her core values.  For Tatjana’s Portfolio History visit:

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Spiritually charged art by Tatjana Hutinec
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