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ART: Creativity Fills Empty Spaces

Serendipity Space

Nothing looks worse than an empty store-front overlooking a messy space in desperate need of a paint job, but that's usually how businesses are left when they are between lessees or waiting for rezoning. In England, artists are invited to fill these empty spaces between tenants, replacing the vacant holes with colour and culture. Lada Alekseychuk's hopes of bringing this concept to Toronto are off to a good start with Serendipity Space. There is no single theme or medium within this make-shift gallery, with walls adorned with clothing decorated with various fabrics and designs, often in a patchwork-type pattern. Most of the pieces are Lada's own creations, with the exception of a hobby collection of artwork contributed by a local artist/film-maker who sees faces everywhere and uses the art to create a window into these visions. The offerings aren't limited to visual art, however, and include musical gatherings, hula-hooping and poetry readings. All forms of expression are welcome and encouraged, there is no profit as nothing is for sale, and money is not in any way the goal of this venture. Lada is looking for creative people of all kinds to have a sort of cultural flowering and meet other creative people. She is working towards establishing a new model of cultural center in Toronto and can't do it alone. Right now she is looking into a much larger space on Queen West to accommodate the collection of artists she hopes will take advantage of this opportunity. One thing that Serendipity Space offers that most other rooms cannot is that there are no restrictions on hours; if you want to set up or show people your work at 4am, she can come unlock the door. The time and possibilities are endless and Lada has unlimited ideas and passion. With support, and the continued participation of artists and the surrounding communities, this could not only benefit artists and art-lovers in Toronto, but inspire similar ventures throughout the world. Check out Lada's website for information, photographs and biographies, or just for fun. You will also find a collection of interesting, useful and creative ideas for how to appreciate and respectfully manipulate the world around you with amazing results.

Serendipity Space
940 Bloor St. W
Lada Alekseychuk

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