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EVENTS: Bridging Gaps to Save Water
Water Toronto

Not everyone is lucky enough to live in Toronto, but millions of people visit the city each year to attend the amazing festivals and events we host. The concert in the park that begins with just a few hundred people might not seem significant at the time, but a tiny concert might grow a little each year until entire streets shut down and neighborhoods prepare to accomodate the hundreds of thousands of happy festival-goers. Aside from the extra customers, temporary job opportunities and tourist dollars that pour into the city when the events are taking place, the publicity before and after promotes the city, and the success of this year could mean continued success and growth in the years that follow.
Toronto has the honour of, not only being a host to the The Tall Ships this year, but of being the launch port for the "Great Lakes United Tall Ships Challenge". In anticipation of the arrival of the Tall Ships, Redpath Sugar has jumped aboard as the title sponsor for the annual Waterfront Festival. Redpath and The Waterfront BIA are working together to make this years festivities a resounding success in hopes of seeing the Tall Ships in our harbour again soon.

"The festival is a tremendous opportunity to showcase...our Waterfront," said President of Redpath Sugar, Johathan Bamberger. "For over 150 years, Redpath has been bringing sugar into Canada by ship. We are very proud to sponsor this celebration of Canada's history, Toronto's Waterfront and the glorious tall ships."

The importance and potential impact of the Tall Ships races is immeasurable.

American Sail Training International (ASTA) has been launching groups of these extraordinary, historical vessels all over the world for years to promote the sailing culture and industry, passing on the love of sailing to future generations. Each ship has a story and represents a community- by bringing the ships together and to different ports, it allows the bridging of cultures and continents, allowing people from all over the world to share their history and customs and experience that which other communities have to offer. Through awareness and education, ASTA hopes to protect the Tall Ships and the rich history behind them. ASTA offers an array of opportunities and programs to youth, giving people from all walks of life the opportunity to travel, learn, and experience the exhiliation and pride of Tall Ship sailing .

In addition to supporting youth, sail-training and ship preservation, ASTA has partnered with Great Lakes United to generate awareness of the importance of water conservation. Unlike most other races, this one is sustainable, and highlights the waterways that are such an integral and fragile part of the environment.
Great Lakes United acts as a voice for a powerful collection of lakes and all the living things that rely upon them, learning from, and listening to the aboriginal voices who tend to have a greater respect and understanding of the infinite wonders carried in every ripple of water. Great Lakes United goes beyond conservation offshore, reaching out to underpriveledged children- Kids who don't even know we have a waterfront have the opportunity to build a boat from the ground up and then learn to operate it. The goal is to expand this program to include sailing, and educating people about the benefits of such programs is the only hope of securing any of the required funding and community participation.

The attendance to this years festival is estimated to be about 800,000 people. The city's yacht clubs and their members are working with the organizers to ensure this festival is a great success. Don't miss it, and bring the kids. The ships alone are just amazing and there will be music, food, activities and entertainment for the whole family all along the water. If you want to get on one of these amazing vessels, boarding passes go on sale April 2010, but spaces are limited. Admission to the general site, is free though, so take advantage of this amazing opportunity to see and experience history, beauty, competition and community from all over the world.

Starts: June 30, 2010 10:00
Ends: July 4, 2010 21:00

For more information contact:
Phone: 416-596-9821

Address:Toronto Waterfront
Yonge Street to Bathurst Street

Invited Tall Ships include: BRIGG Roald Amudsen, Germany; BARK Europa, The Netherlands; Freedom Schooner AMISTAD, U.S.A; Denis Sullivan, U.S.A; Pride of Baltimore II, U.S.A; Flagship Niagara, U.S.A

Also present at the festival will be Toronto's homeport vessels: Empire Sandy, Pathfinder, Playfair, Challenge, and Kajama.

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